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We accept credit cards online, or debit cards, or gift cards with either Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover for USA residents only - our online payment system is safe and secure utilizing the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.  Also, please avoid using two different addresses for shipping and billing, otherwise the order may be delayed (and possibly canceled) and someone will contact you by e-mail.  You can place your order online with your credit card, or you can mail in your payment with a money order, cash, or check.

1) Since we sell weapons, you must read our Disclaimer and agree to our Terms before ordering.

2) Payment Options: 
We accept online credit card payments with Mastercard, Amex, and Discover for USA residents only, our online payment system is safe and secure utilizing the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.  We also accept
payments by mail.  If you live in another country, read our International Orders page.

Ordering with PayPal:  Yes, we accept PayPal.

4) Delivery Time:  Normal delivery is about 3-8 business days (don't count weekends or holidays), This Is Not Guaranteed
, especially during Holidays, so if you want Guaranteed Delivery, then please choose Rush Shipping during check out! Sold out items or Special Order items can take up to 2-3 weeks.  These are items that have to be special ordered.

6) Tracking Packages:  Most orders are shipped with US Mail.  Yes, we can provide tracking only if the order was shipped with UPS, however you will need to wait at least 2 days after placing your order, because it takes at least 24 hours to ship out your order, then another day or two before we can get a tracking number from our shipping warehouse.  Don't assume we use UPS, because most of the time we don't.  Most medium box size and small box size orders are shipped with US Mail.  US Mail does Not have tracking numbers, they use Delivery Confirmation, which is Not a tracking number, but most people call them tracking numbers even though they aren't.  In most cases, we do not automatically e-mail tracking numbers and/or Delivery Confirmation #'s, we basically just ship out your order, so if you need help with your order status or estimated delivery time, you are welcomed to e-mail us your request or call us if you need to - Contact Us.  It is impossible to track packages with the post office.  Do you know what track means?  It means you can see where a package is located and know when it is scheduled to be delivered.  US Mail does not track.  Some people do not understand this.  I have personally had a few arguments with people who think you can track packages with the post office.  It's a stupid argument.  We have been using the post office since 1995!  That's 16 years of experience.  The post office only offers Delivery Confirmation #'s, but most people call them tracking numbers even though they aren't.  Like the name implies, this service only let's you see when the package is delivered!  That's it!  It doesn't let you track the progress of all the location scans like UPS, nor does it tell you the expected delivery date like UPS.  There is a difference, and it's not very hard to understand this difference!  With the US Mail, you can only guestimate, but the guestimation is very reliable.

NOTE:  If you have a P.O. Box, your order must be delivered by US Mail.

7) Click for info about International Orders

8) Click for instructions for Mail Orders

9) Try to Avoid Using 2 Addresses:  We request that you use only one address on your order, simply because we have experienced too much credit card fraud with people using 2 different addresses for Billing and Shipping.  It's just a fact in Internet commerce. Think about it... a credit card thief is forced to put the correct Billing address in order for the purchase to be authorized, but of course they have the order shipped to themselves at some other address.  So you can see where the problem is. Also, in our industry, since we sell weapons, we also have a problem with some teenagers using their parent's credit cards with their parents permission and having the stuff shipped to their friend's house. We deal with this every single day. So, quite frankly we are just sick and tired of Credit Card Fraud.  If you use two different address for Shipping and Billing, your order will be delayed and somebody will contact you by e-mail.

10) How to use our Shopping Cart:  Everybody must receive an Online Order #, example Order_00312267, which is e-mailed to them after placing their order, so everybody needs to use our website's shopping cart (If you do not have access to a computer and printer or don't have an e-mail address when placing your order, then just write your order on a piece of paper with product names, models, prices, and don't forget shipping cost).  Shop online, browse our website.  Simply Click on the item of your choice to view a larger image, with a description, price, and ordering information. When you want to buy something, click on the red "Add to Cart" button.  See Demo pictures below:





Warning Criminals:
We prosecute all credit card fraud transactions. Card fraud is a felony punishable by heavy fines and jail time. We work directly with the police, ISPs, Consumer Affairs, Postal Inspectors, and the Secret Service (for International fraud) to prosecute offenders. We have successfully prosecuted 12 people already, and they thought they were so clever and couldn't be tracked down.  Your IP address will also be recorded, then the ISP helps us and the police identify the criminals location. Because of previous fraud, we do not ship to INDONESIA or BULGARIA.


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:
Our business understands that Customers are the number one asset to any building business venture. The customer comes first. We understand that if we don't have happy customers, then we won't stay in business very long! If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with a product that you receive from us, just return it back to us for a refund, no questions asked.  Also realize that we refund the cost of the merchandise, not the cost of shipping and handling.  Please read refund section below for conditions that may apply.



For exchanges or refunds, please allow 2-3 business days for processing from the date we receive your returned package.  Also, if you accidentally received a damaged or incorrect order, we will pay for all costs to replace it.  Please contact us right away once you have discovered any errors - Toll Free 1-866-9SWORDS.

Refunds and credits are issued under the following conditions:

  1. Resalable Condition:  We do require that you return the item to us in the new, resalable condition you received it in, and preferably with the same packaging it was shipped in.  Please, this is not WalMart... we can not accept returns in used condition.  Refunds will be made only after the item has been inspected and verified to be in 100% resalable condition.  It is assumed that when you open a package you received from us, and you realize you are not satisfied, then simply put it back in the box and mail it back.  Returns are very rare anyhow.

  2. Return Authorization #:  It is required that you contact a Knife Planet customer support representative by e-mail or by phone for a valid Return Authorization #.  Write this number on the outside of your return package.

  3. Copy of Receipt:  The customer must return a copy of the receipt or packing list that accompanied the order.

  4. Note on Receipt:  Please write a handwritten note about what is wrong with the product, and explain if you want an exchange or a refund.  This is so our warehouse knows what to do with your return once we receive, otherwise there will just be confusion and delay.

  5. Tracking #:  It is required that you ship the package back to us with a valid tracking number or some kind of delivery confirmation number in case the package gets lost, and so there is not dispute later if the package was received by us or not.

  6. Return Shipping & Handling:  Please note - return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, we do not pay you to send it back to us.  But... we will of course pay your shipping costs if you are returning Damaged or Incorrect merchandise for an exchange.

  7. Where to Mail to:  Please mail to the address on the label of the original box.  This is important because we have different warehouses, so don't just mail to our Corporate office in Las Vegas, it will just be returned back to you.

  8. Damaged Merchandise or Incorrect orders:  Of course, if you received a product that is damaged, we will pay for all costs to replace it.  Mail the merchandise back to us and we will reimburse you for the postage you paid to ship it and promptly ship out the replacement once we receive the item(s) in our warehouse.  Please make sure to have a tracking number for your package or some kind of confirmation number in case the package gets lost, and so there is not dispute later if the package was received by us or not.

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